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Hailing from Fort Worth, TX, Izzy Ryder is an emerging musical force to be reckoned with.  Her guitar style is a stunning extension of who she is; think addictive melodies with the rhythmic backbone of someone accustomed to playing on the road as a no-frills one woman band: an acoustic guitar, a kick drum, and a voice that both soars unfathomed heights and plumbs the depths of every emotion that makes us fully human.  


Born gay, raised Catholic, losing her father at a young age, always feeling like the weirdo kid and the odd one out, Izzy turned to music to help her make sense of a sometimes senseless world.  Songwriting was not an antidote or answer as much as it was a friend, a way to confide in something, to share her Self, and to express the things we all want to say and often struggle to.


In December 2022 Izzy recorded her debut record Barefoot And Brooding in Nashville, TN.  Produced by River Shook and featuring members of Sarah Shook & the Disarmers and Mightmare, this incredible collection of songs is almost ready to greet you.  Look for Izzy’s first single this fall and follow her trajectory here.



Team Izzy

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